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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming allows for the proper growth of a tree. The extra branches and overgrowth can prevent trees from getting their necessary moisture and nutrients. On the other hand, the purpose of pruning is to remove infected, diseased, or dead branches of a tree. We do both here at Arbor Master.

Forest Trees

Tree Trimming and Pruning

At the estimate we will go over the overall goal you are looking to achieve for your property. Whether it be a lake view, trimming or pruning for the health of the trees, or decreasing leaves for the fall season we will work directly with you to reach your goals. We often recommend weight reduction, height reduction, shaping, crown thinning, crown raising, and clearing back from sidewalks, homes, chimneys, and driveways depending on the location of the tree and the species of the tree. We look forward to walking your property and deciding what work you would like estimated.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning in the Dormant Season

Our clients trust us to maintain their Oaks, Elms, and Ash Trees which should be trimmed between the months of late October and late March to avoid infectious disease. Emerald Ash Borer took most of the Ash Trees out in the 2000's however there are still some alive. Are you a lucky homeowner with an Ash in your backyard!? Dutch Elm Disease was more prevalent in the 70's and almost wiped out the species but many Elms still exist today. Oak Wilt Disease is widespread throughout Michigan and all measures should be taken to prevent it! We tackle Trimming & Pruning for these species throughout the winter months while the trees are dormant and it is safe to cut their limbs. We work year round! 

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Trimming Shrubs

Ornamental Tree &
Shrub Care

We use hedge trimmers to shape some Ornamental Trees and bushes. Our Arborists are trained professionals skilled to properly trim or prune small trees, shrubs, and bushes. While we do not do landscaping we can provide this trimming and pruning service for our customers. For your tree and shrub care you can trust our Arborists to leave your landscaping looking well groomed, shaped, and cared for.

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Our Tree Care Professionals

Our crew made up of professionals trained by our Certified Arborist. Crew members are trained to use the proper tools and equipment, how to make proper cuts according to ISA standards, and they are trained to work with the customer to achieve their goals for the tree. There is no tree too big or small for our schedule. No matter the size of the tree our Arborists have the knowledge needed to shape, crown thin, prune, or elevate your tree. As tree industry professionals know how trees grow, what diseases affect them, and how to nurture them. Who better to trust with maintaining the health of your trees?

Tree Lined Park
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