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Land Clearing


Forestry Mulching for Trees 8-10"

We use an Advanced Eco Forestry Mulcher which attaches to our CAT Skid Steer. With hydraulics the horizontal disk spins cutting and launching trees under 8" forward into a horizontal position, the eco mulcher disk then turns it into mulch once the disk hits the tree on the ground. This process is fast and facinating! We also use another attachment which is a Fecon drum style attachment. This attachment can tackle trees up to 10" and mulches with a turning drum. Our Certified Arborist decides which attachment to use depending on terrain, distance to houses, and amount of land he is clearing. Both operations require bystanders to stay back 300' for safety precautions.

Mobilization of Tree Crew, Chippers, and Chip Trucks

After our Forestry Mulcher completes it's work of clearing trees 8-10" and under we mobilize the tree crew for logging and chipping depending on the size of the land and other variables. Chips can be left on site or they can be hauled, your choice. Our chip trucks are large carrying 15-22 yard loads off site. This material is hauled to wood recycling centers, farms, and other homeowners to use in their gardens. Hauling the material off site does take more time and costs more money but with CDL drivers, good equipment operators, and large capacity trucks we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Mobilization of the

Wheel Loader with The Feller Buncher Attachment

Our Feller Buncher Attachment attaches to the CAT Wheel Loader and takes the place of a tree crew logging. The attachment wraps around a log, cuts with an attached saw, and places the log where needed. This type of equipment is used on large scale land clearing jobs of many acres. With this powerful machine we have the ability to tackle all kinds of terrain and different scopes of projects. It safely and efficiently can clear large volumes of land. The machine can control one 20 inch 70 foot tall tree at a time. Easily removing the top, stripping the limbs, and putting it in log form.

Stump Grinding with

The Bandit Attachment

Have you ever watched a stump being ground before? Depending on the type of machine and the size of the stump it can really take some time. Hours even for some large stumps and a small machine. Fortunately, we have invested in new technology and equipment that allows us to grind stumps on a land clearing so quickly that it takes minutes on one stump instead of hours. Our Bandit stump grinder attachment connects to our skid steer and is super powerful! By saving time we increase production and save you money! 

Our Land Clearing Chippers

We have been clearing land since 2006 and have gotten quite good at it. Our investment in high production equipment allows us to complete land clearing jobs quicker than the competition. We have 2 high capacity Bandit Chippers with 300 horsepower engines. These chippers allow us to chip up to 24" in diameter. Logs larger than that are hauled in large dump trailers and wood is recycled and put to use in a different capacity. Our wood makes it's way to homeowners, wood cutters, and even furniture makers and is reused. 

Gravel Road into the Forest

What is the Advantage to using Arbor Master for Land Clearing?

Tree ID

Our Certified Arborist is the operator of all land clearing equipment before the tree crew mobilizes. He is able to identify trees even in the dormant season, helping you decide what trees to keep: native trees. And what trees to remove: invasive species and other trees that do not provide asthetic or value to your property. Many Certified Arborists charge for Forestry Management Consultations. The recommendations provided are a free resource as part of our estimate.

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