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Chopped Tree Trunk

Stump Grinding

We grind stumps below the ground's surface to make way for grass or replanting after the removal of trees and shrubs. Our stump grinder is small and lightweight, yet efficient and does not need to be towed by a truck, eliminating the potential for unnecessary lawn damage. It is a 4x4 wheeled machine operated by remote control for safety. It is about the size of a lawn mower and can fit in small spaces on your property.

Tree Stump

Our Process

1st Tree Work

2nd Miss Dig

3rd Stump Grinding

Tree Lined Park

Regular Grind

Just growing grass or planting small plants? A regular grind will do the trick, we grind 6-8" to allow for grass growing and plants. We recommend leaving the area slightly mounded for settling purposes. (There will be some mulch left after we grind your stump. It will be mounded. We suggest using some of the extra stump mulch for filling in holes around the yard, fence perimeters, and around sheds. Stump mulch turns to dirt over time. Before we come out to complete your job, please be sure to mark/flag any sprinkler head locations as well as any underground wiring used for landscape lights or internet cable.

Full Grind

If you are replanting a tree in the same spot please let us know if you need a full grind. With full grinds there is an additional cost as it takes more time. Sometimes if utilities are in the way we cannot do a full grind but most of the time it is not a problem. We grind the full center of the stump out giving you the ability to replant in the same area. Be prepared for a lot of mulch, grinding the entire stumps increases stump material. Material will be left as a mound where your stump was. It will be raked, mounded, and the area around it will be blown with a landscape blower. 

Stump Grinding

Miss Dig FAQ

Why must we contact Miss Dig before grinding?

If we hit a gas line it is a $10k fine.  That is why it is imparative that we call Miss Dig prior to stump grinding. We also must be the ones to contact them not the homeowner for liability purposes. Thank you for understanding the liability involved with stump grinding and that we must follow procedures to keep our crew and homeowners safe.

What happens after Miss Dig has flagged my yard?

We will contact Miss Dig before grinding any stumps. Please be aware we are not informed before they come out to flag your property after we contact them. Once your property is flagged we are notified that your property is clear. Once we recieve this notification you are placed on our stump grinding list. We grind stumps in a weekly route. We do not schedule the stump grinding, please let us know if you must be scheduled. 

What if my property was not flagged?

When utilities are not an issure for the grinding area Miss Dig will notify us that your property is clear without flagging your property. This just means your utilities come to the house in a different location than where we are working. Our stump grinder is aware that some properties may not be flagged and that those properties are clear of utility issues.

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