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We are located in the Pinckney and Whitmore Lake area in Michigan and proudly serve Livingston, Washtenaw, Oakland Counties and more!




ISA Certified!


A consultation with our Certified Arborist may be just what you need to set your mind at ease or come up with an action plan to maintain or treat your tree.

State of the art equipment

Arbor Master uses state of the art equipment to get the job done. All of our trucks, chippers, and equipment are in excellent condition.

Cutting edge method of tree care

Spikes should never be used on a live tree. Arbor Master uses a rigging method to climb trees and prevent damage to them.

Certified experts

Our company is ISA Certified which means we have the knowledge needed to maintain your trees and provide you with quality tree care.


We Love Trees

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(734) 945-3306

Latest News

Tree care is an art and a skilled professional will know what cuts to make and what cuts not to make. There is no tree too big or small for our crew. Young tree pruning is important. No matter the size of the tree our skilled professionals have the knowledge needed to shape, crown thin, prune, or elevate your tree. Leave tree pruning to the professionals. We know how trees grow, what diseases affect them, and how to nurture them. Who better to trust with your tree pruning needs?

Shawn and Allie own and operate Arbor Master Tree Service. They both have a passion for trees and tree care and will not recommend cutting a tree unless necessary. Between Shawn's entrepreneur mind set, his Arborist Certification and Allie's Business Degree and office experience you have a great team! Now combine that with some skilled Arborists and we deliver the best tree care in the industry!

Our clients trust us to maintain their Oaks, Elms and Ash Trees in the winter. Oaks, Elms, and Ash Trees should be trimmed between the months of late October and late March to avoid infectious disease. Emerald Ash Borer took most of the Ash Trees out in the 2000's however there are still some alive. Are you a lucky homeowner with an Ash in your backyard!? Dutch Elm Disease was more prevalent in the 70's and almost wiped out the species but some Elms still exist today. Oak Wilt Disease is widespread throughout Michigan and all measures should be taken to prevent it. 


Let us help you complete yo​ur next project!

Your landscaping, building, or outdoor project is our number one priority. We are happy to help with any of your ​tree care needs!

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